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What does 10 years of experience in the most competitive market in the world get you? Confidence. Confidence that this system will get you results. In Los Angeles, the only way to stand out is to do something different and shake things up. That’s what this program does. It’s not just cardio meant to get you skinny, nor is it just a weights routine. It’s a collaboration of various elements of fitness meant to do one thing - get you results!

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It’s one thing to download a plan and hope that you stick with it, and it’s a completely different thing to sign up for a course on the same exact day as other women AND have someone there to hold you accountable and support you every step of the way. I created the 10 Week Body Course to teach women that it’s OKAY to go back to the basics. I find that so many women

are very caught up in the small trendy diet and health tips right now and it’s causing them to be extremely frustrated, lost, confused, overwhelmed, and ultimately defeated. With this course I am cutting out all the noise, all the trends, and all the false hopes of quick fixes in order to help women gain patience, trust, confidence and RESULTS for themselves.

So what exactly is the 10 Week Course
and Why Should I get it?

Firstly, I’ve found that this plan works best for women who are determined and who are willing to put in the work. Any client of mine that has been those two things, regardless of initial starting weight, past health/fitness experience, or available time, has gotten AMAZING results in their physique, confidence, and self control.


Doing tons of yoga, pilates, barre and cycling is GREAT for burning calories but if you’ve been doing that for months and haven’t seen that “toned” look you’re going for - you’re not alone. Most women think burning calories = getting toned but strength training needs to be part of your weekly routine in order to achieve that.


In the 10 Week Plan, women are given 3 strength training days a week, 2 cardio days, + 1 random activity day. We focus on functional movement patterns like Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, and Uni-Lateral. Each workout starts with a dynamic warm up then typically has 3 sets of 9 exercises that are divided into 3 circuits, and each exercise comes with a video so you know exactly what to do.


The workouts can be done at your gym or at home. If you plan on doing the workouts at home you will need 1 pair of lighter weights (10 lbs), and at least 1 heavier dumbbell or kettlebell (30 lbs+), a mat, and ideally a heavy booty band or hip circle.


I believe that everyone needs someone to hold them accountable. I personally have a coach, my coach has a coach - it’s NORMAL. We can’t be expected to do everything alone without guidance and think that we’re just going to nail it. With this plan - I will make sure to give you small bits of info each week and have you apply it to your life that same week.


Each week you will receive an e-mail straight to your inbox that will give you “the focus” for the week, related handouts, and then a short list of “homework” that you are to e-mail back to me at the following week’s Check In. Sound like a lot? Don’t worry, I know you all have lives and a to do list that’s already overwhelming. The homework is very doable and has small action steps that you can realistically start adding to your routine.

About me

Chelsey prides herself on her extensive knowledge of anatomy, nutrition, kinesiology, physiology, and proper training. Chelsey has learned from top trainers, doctors, and athletes in the fitness industry and says that her biggest takeaway was finally educating herself and not listening to everyone on Social Media.

"Ever since I decided to learn from the best of the best in the industry, go to fitness seminars with professionals from Sweden to Los Angeles and STOP following every trend, my mind, body, health and physique have changed in ways I've never seen before. AND...it's been easier than anything I've ever tried in the past. I truly mean that. I have never felt so consistently happy with my results, proud of myself, and confident".

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Program format

The 10 week plan consists of 3 strength training days, 2 cardio days, and 1 random activity day.


Lower body


Walk 10k steps


Upper body


Walk 10k steps


Full body


Hike or do 1 workout from here


Rest day

Get Fit! app to
follow the program

Programs comes with my easy-to-use iOS app. Swipe through full screen videos, track your progress and watch tutorial videos with detailed instructions. The app also lets you calculate your macros for your body composition goals and comes with over 100 recipes to choose from to pair nutrition with your exercise program.

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Exercise from the program

Burpee with Shuffle

Ball Roll-ins

Hollowbody Flys

Standing Oblique Crunches

I love the effectiveness of Chelsey's unique method!

Macro Calculator

Included in the app is a macro calculator that will personalize your macros (proteins, fats, and carbs) to your goals. By following your macros, you can achieve incredible results while enjoying a flexible diet. Just make sure to hit the suggested numbers for each category.









What makes the program different

Smarter Workouts

Instead of killing your body with intense cardio, this program focuses on effective workouts and efficient use of your energy.

Dynamic Program

This program intermixes strength training with movement and recreational/fun training.

Weekly Instructional & Motivational Emails

Topics include: How to eat for your goals, using strength training to reduce stress, how to burn fat, etc.

Bonus Item:
100 Healthy Recipes.

This program comes with over 100 FREE recipes to provide you with plenty of options to meet your goals. There’s also an option to work with a trusted nutritionist to customize your meals which I highly recommend if you want to reach your goals faster.

This program is for you if:

You don't want

to think about what to do for your workout at gym/at home

You want

to learn about the effects of sleep and stress on the body - and how to change it

You know

you work better when you have someone holing you accountable

You want

to know how much you should be eating

You want

help understanding what to eat

You are frustated

with not seeing results

You're ready

to commit to a stronger, more disciplined and more educated version of yourself

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