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Everyone should handstand in their life!

It's one of the most rewarding achievements that will never stop filling you joy. And the best part is -ANYONE CAN DO IT! Any age,height,shape... it doesn't matter. You can learn!
But you can't learn a handstand by only practicing handstands all day. You have to train your body for the movement. A handstand requires all muscles to work in unison support your balance and stability. This program will train you for that.
There's over 2 hours of educational videos broken up over 4 weeks for you to follow along.
There's also 3 weekly workouts to build mobility,stability and strength in your body.

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Who's it for?


who are inspired to get upside down and learn to Handstand
Ages: 16-60 Gender: All

What different about it?

Rather than providing only one perspective on handstand training, this program has two instructors. Both of these professionals learned to handstand completely differently and teach handstands differently. That’s what makes this program great. You’re learning from two talented professionals with two different perspectives. That’s double the value.

Adam Frater

Adam has trained thousands of people to transform their physique and fitness level using the power of calisthenics. His workout programs focus on authentic strength and functional fitness in order to build athletes that look good, feel good, and perform even better. In this handstand course, Adam brings his unique focus on high intensity bodyweight training to open your eyes to a new world of mobility and freedom.

Andrew Sealy

Andrew Sealy is a renowned yogi and movement specialist who teaches globally and has studied under many of the top leaders in his field. His practice focus on slow controlled movements and mind-body connection. In this program, Andrew teaches you how to handstand in the same way his yoga masters taught him: through flexibility, mental clarity, and practice.

Why does it work?

This program is unique because it will not only TEACH you the fundamentals of a handstand, but it will also TRAIN your body to have strength,control and stability necessary to stay balanced upside down.


Each week and each day will focus on a different critical element of a proper handstand. You will start each lesson with a 10-15 minute, follow-along video. These demonstrations are led by both Adam and Andrew.


After you follow the demonstrations video,you will be provided with a 40-60 minute long exercise. This is where the real difference is made. The strength, mobility, and stability that you will build will be the key to holding a handstand.


Week 1: Foundation Hands,Wrist,Fingers Arm Alignment, and Shoulder Girdle Pecks,Traps and Rhomboids
Week 2: Core Abdominal Definition Back Muscle Stability Expansive Chest
Week 3: Integration Tight is Light How to Fall - Safety 2nd Quads, Hamstrings,Knees,Toes
Week 4: Balance Breath Balance Alignment

What's included ?

  • 2+ hours of video demonstrations
  • Follow-along workouts
  • Over 50 unique exercises
  • Weekly workouts to build strength and mobility
  • Vegan Head Start Guide
  • Your first handstand!



Does this program come on an app?

Yes, you can access the program via our mobile app, available on iOS, Android and now Apple TV!

Who can do this program?

The beauty of a handstand is that ANYONE can do it -any age,gender,size,shape. You just need to train your body to properly hold itself upside down.

How long is each lesson?

Each week you will have 3 lessons paired with 3 workouts. The length ranges from 45-75 minutes.

Can I really learn to handstand in 30 days?

Yes! You really can but it comes down to your commitment. This is a practice and you need to dedicate yourself to it. Stick with the program ,stay determined, and YOU WILL HANDSTAND :)