Calisthenic Ab Workouts: The Grègoire Bellemare Core Burner


Calisthenic ab workouts require very little equipment. This example of a complete routine is what you need to build a powerful core. We’ve asked Grègoire Bellemare to share his core-busting workout with us.

In just 20 minutes, you’ll complete a series of core exercises to build strength and bring definition to your abdomen. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of a more stable center. That means a lower likelihood of injury.

You’ll need: 

  • Fit Home Gym or parallel bars with push-up hand grips

In this workout, Grègoire is using the Fit! App Home Gym. This slimline equipment delivers everything you need to complete a comprehensive workout. 



This short warm-up will get your muscles loose and ready for the session. Don’t be tempted to skip this part, or you might risk injury.

  • Complete each exercise in turn to complete a set

  • 2 sets

  • 1-minute rest at the end of the full warm-up

Arm Circles

Start with some full arm circles on each side for 30 seconds.

  • Keep your arm close to your side.

  • With core engaged, rotate your arm in a full circle.

  • Swap to the other arm.


Use the pull-up section of your home gym for this part of the warm-up.

  • Grab above your head at full extension.

  • Lift your feet off the ground and hang.

  • Relax your breathing.

  • Hang for 30 seconds total.

Torso Twist

Complete this part of the warm-up in a controlled manner. Make purposeful movements without whipping.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart to form a solid base.

  • Clasp your hands together just before your chest with your elbows bent.

  • Rotate 90° left and then rotate completely to the other side.

  • Repeat for 30 seconds.

Repeat this whole process twice to complete your warm-up. Feel free to incorporate other warm-up exercises if you see fit. Pay special attention to any injuries that you might be recovering from.

Exercise #1: Hanging Knee Tuck

The hanging knee tuck really works your lower abdomen from just above your belly button down to your pubis. Many secondary muscle groups are worked as well, including biceps, lats, obliques, upper abs, and upper back.

  • Complete the exercise for 30 seconds continuously

  • 4 sets

  • 45-second rest between sets

  • Repeat this exercise again after exercise 2



  1. Reach up and grab the pull-up bar. Use an overhand grip and have your hands just wider than your shoulders.

  2. Fully extend your arms.

  3. Lift your feet off the group so that your full weight is hanging.

  4. Exhale and tuck your knees up toward your chest.

  5. Inhale and lower your legs back down. Keep them hanging, then repeat.

To increase difficulty, add a weight belt hanging from your legs or hold a dumbbell between your feet. Another option is to use a weighted vest, but sometimes, these restrict movement. If you have neither, consider gripping a dumbbell between your feet.

Throughout the exercise, your arms and upper body should remain almost stationary. Your grip will indicate your form. Ensure that you’ve got a solid grip before starting.

Beginners can try the bent hollow hold as an alternative. This involves lying on your back and lifting your knees while raising your head and shoulders to engage the core. It activates the same muscle groups but without the movement.

Exercise #2: Flutter Kicks

If you’re a swimmer, this movement won’t feel new. Flutter kicks work the lower abs as well as activating your hip flexors, lower back, and quads. Due to the nature of the movement, there’s a cardiovascular impact, too. You’ll feel your heart rate elevate throughout the exercise.

  • Complete as many kicks as possible within 30 seconds

  • 3 sets

  • 45-second rest between sets



  1. Lift yourself between the parallel bars of your home gym so that your feet hang beneath you.

  2. Engage your core and look forward. Keep your back straight.

  3. Bring both legs slightly in front of the vertical, keeping them straight.

  4. Kick one leg upward before returning to the starting position.

  5. Repeat for the other leg.

Your form is crucial during flutter kicks. If your grip falters or you begin to hunch over, stop, reset, and go again. Keep your upper body rigid throughout the process with no arch in your back.

If you struggle to maintain your form, try lying on the ground on your back. This will isolate your back and provide additional support. That means you can focus on your kick movements without worrying about your grip. Lift your shoulders slightly from the ground to engage the core.

Once you’ve mastered these under your body weight, consider adding some ankle weights for a higher degree of difficulty.

Exercise #3: Plank Hold

A plank hold is one of the simplest yet most effective core exercises you can complete. It works the transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, and oblique muscles. Many other muscles are activated during a plank to ensure stability throughout the hold, including your quads and glutes

  • Hold for up to a minute

  • 3 sets

  • 1-minute rest between sets



  1. Using your push-up bars, set yourself a firm grip with straight arms.

  2. Straighten your back and lower body so that your feet are behind you.

  3. Raise to full extension and hold.

  4. Hold this position for a minute or as long as you can until fatigue.

If you’d prefer, you can not use the push-up bars; instead, lean on your forearms. This hold is closer to the ground and won’t activate as many arm muscle groups, but it is still effective for a core workout.

If you can’t make it to a full minute in one go, go for as long as you can and then repeat to reach the total time. You’ll quickly see the progression from workout to workout.

Mission Complete

You’ve completed an intense calisthenic ab workout in less than half an hour. Repeat this a few times a week, and your core will quickly feel stronger and more stable. We recommend leaving around 48 hours between core workouts so that you have time to recover before working the muscle groups again.

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