Insane Full Calisthenic Leg Workout with Caleb Ellis


This complete calisthenic leg workout is brought to you by the one and only Caleb Ellis. Caleb has selected four different movements, two of which are going to focus on a single leg at a time. That means you’ll only have to perfect form on three different exercises.

You’ll need: 

  • Fit Home Gym set up with a bar and a band

  • Fit Plyo Box or bench

You'll repeat the main workout process five times. Each time, you'll do each individual exercise for a minute and as many reps as possible. After each round of exercises, take a minute to rest and recover.

Throughout the workout, focus on quality, not speed. You want a controlled, precise form rather than rattling through as many reps as possible.


This warm-up should take you around 6 minutes to complete. It consists of a variety of slow stretching exercises that will prepare your body for the intense workout that follows.

  • Complete each exercise in turn to complete a set

  • 4 sets

  • 1-minute rest at the end of the full warm-up

Walk Outs

Per round, complete 2 reps before moving on to the next.

  • Bend from standing so your hands are just in front of your feet.

  • Keeping your feet planted at shoulder-width, walk your hands out away from you.

  • Reach to a point where your hands are out in front of you then walk back.

  • Repeat a second time.

Narrow Stance Squats

These narrow stance variants of a traditional squat help you focus on stability and large muscle group engagement.

Complete 10 reps per round.

  • Stand tall with your feet just apart.

  • Keep your back straight and squat down by bending your knees.

  • Engage your glutes and core throughout the motion.

  • Put your arms out in front for balance.

Reverse Samson Lunges

This is the same movement as a traditional lunge but in reverse. The arm movement helps you to loosen your upper body.

Complete 10 reps per round.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart to form a solid base.

  • Alternating legs, step back.

  • Your front knee should form a right angle, and your back knee should hover above the ground.

  • At the same time, swing your hands up over your head.

  • Then, step forward to the starting position.

  • Repeat for the other leg.

Side Plank Hip Dips (L/R)

This exercise requires a significant amount of control and stability. If you struggle to stay upright, replace this with a similar exercise, such as a plank or some push-ups.

Complete 10 reps on each side per round.

  • Lie on your side and put your legs together.

  • Lean on your lower forearm so that it is at a right angle to your body.

  • Use your upper arm as balance.

  • Dip your hips toward the ground and hover above it.

  • Return to your starting position.

Repeat this whole process four times to complete your warm-up.

Exercise #1: Banded Split Squats

First, set up your home gym to facilitate the exercise. Run a band underneath the main platform and attach it to either end of the bar. This is a compound exercise that works a huge variety of major muscle groups in the lower body. Notably the glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

The band helps to load the top of the exercise, making muscles work throughout the whole movement.

  • Complete the exercise for 60 seconds continuously

  • Start with one leg, then return to the other leg for exercise 3



  1. Plant whichever leg you want to start with first onto the platform.

  2. Curl the bar up into a front rack position below your chin, in front of your shoulders.

  3. Drive up with your front leg as far as you can.

  4. Return down to the knee with a light tap on the ground before repeating.

This exercise is unilateral, meaning it can help correct any imbalances in the body.

Exercise #2: Deadlift

The great thing about this workout is the transitions between exercises are minimal. Simply stand up on the box and face the bar you just used. Deadlifts are designed to work the posterior chain in your back, the whole legs (glutes, hamstrings, quads), and your core

  • Complete as many lifts as possible within 1 minute



  1. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart.

  2. Reach down and grab the bar with both hands, just wider than your shoulders.

  3. Keeping your back straight and chest up, push through your legs.

  4. Reach full standing with locked hips and knees.

  5. To lower, push your butt back, engage your lats, then lower just past your knees to about mid-shin level.

With the band, you focus more on the final position than the lift itself. As you reach the top of the exercise, engage each major group of muscles.

Exercise #3: Banded Split Squat (Alternate Leg)

Now that you’ve completed the deadlift section, return to exercise 1 and do it again, but on the other leg.

  • Complete the exercise for 60 seconds continuously

Exercise #4: Box Jumps

This exercise needs to be explosive. It’s an aggressive movement that stems from hip extension. Remember to focus on the quality of the movement rather than speed. Take care when stepping back that you land solidly on each foot, especially as you tire.

  • Complete as many jumps as possible within 1 minute



  1. Stand in front of the box.

  2. Launch yourself upward through hip extension onto the box.

  3. Land with soft knees and get your balance.

  4. Stand tall.

  5. Step down easily.

Once you’ve completed the box jumps, rest for a minute then return to exercise 1.

Complete the whole thing 5 times, and your workout is completed.

Mission Complete

This whole workout should take you 30 minutes, including the warm-up. By the end, your legs will burn, and you’ll feel exhausted but happy. Calisthenic leg workouts like these are intense so leave yourself at least 48 hours between focused sessions.


This workout features the Fit! App Home Gym. This equipment makes the process incredibly efficient, with minimal downtime between exercises so you have more time to get the most out of your workout. Try it today!